Do I need to hire an attorney to get Social Security benefits?

Many people choose to apply for Social Security Benefits without hiring an attorney.  It is important to understand that many people are denied at that first stage and there are strict deadlines for appealing. Attorneys with experience in Social Security law can help claimants with this process.

A qualified attorney can assist you by timely requesting reconsideration, requesting a hearing or appealing your unfavorable decision. In addition, the attorney can help you obtain the evidence that will improve your case by gathering important medical and vocational information, contacting your medical providers to request additional opinion evidence, and ensuring that the record is complete before going to hearing.  At the hearing, an experienced attorney can be helpful in properly presenting your case to the administrative law judge. In addition, the attorney can cross-examine the vocational or medical experts called by SSA to testify as witnesses in your case.

If you have received a denial after hearing, and the Appeals Council has denied review of the decision of the administrative law judge, you can still appeal to Federal Court. Only an attorney can appeal your case to the Federal Court. You will want to make sure that the attorney you hire is qualified and experienced in handling Social Security Federal Court Appeals.