Do I Qualify for Disability?

How do I know if I qualify for Social Security Disabled benefits?

There are different types of Social Security benefits for individuals who are disabled:

  1. Social Security Disability Benefits   To qualify, the disabled or blind individual must have paid Social Security taxes to become insured for benefits. The monthly disability benefit amount is based on the Social Security earnings record of the insured worker. The individual will get Medicare coverage automatically after receiving disability benefits for two years.
  2. Supplemental Security Income Benefits   To qualify, the disabled or blind adult must have limited income and resources. The monthly benefit is based on need and varies up to the maximum federal benefit rate. The disabled individual is automatically eligible for Medicaid.
  3. Child Supplemental Security Income Benefits   To qualify as a child, the parents and the child must have limited income and resources. (A child over age 18 who had a disability that began before the age of 22 may qualify for Social Security Disability from their parent’s record. They must have a parent who is receiving benefits or who is deceased and worked long enough to become insured.)
  4. Disabled Widow or Widower’s Benefits   To qualify, you must be over 50 and have become disabled within seven years after your husband or wife died.